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Which Came First, The Computer or the Airplane?

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With a name like Adam he probably felt the pressure to be the first of something.

 Well, he was. Adam Osborne was the first man to invent a computer that fit under the seat of an airplane.

The Portable Osborne Computer released in April 1981. The hand held (Definitely two hands for me) computer weighed 24.5 pounds and had a software package that was almost as heavy. 

The Osborne was the first successful portable computer to hit the market. Portable, because it could be buckled up in its entirety and carried by one man (or strong woman) and travel across the country on business trips.

In its heyday, the Osborne Computer was selling 10,000 units per month.

In its heyday, the Osborne Computer was selling 10,000 units per month. Story has it, the Adam Osborne destroyed his own company by bragging about a new computer he was working on that would put the Osborne 1 to shame. People stopped buying in anticipation of the new machine, and Mr. Osborne was stuck with a large stockpile of his first machine. Bankruptcy was the dissolution.

I remember when Urban E Recycling got it’s first Osborne computer. It was in excellent condition. Everything was included, even the original manual. We still have that computer and several other Osborne computers of the same model now.

We get in the some of the best and unique items. And that is one of many reasons we enjoy working at Urban E Recycling.


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