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What Is The Best Plan to Get Rid of E-Scrap?

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 Whether you are in Hillsborough County, the state of Florida anywhere in the U.S. you have option. Of course, one of the best option is Urban E Recycling. The reason I say that is because of four specific reason.

Urban E services are absolutely free.

The first reason is that Urban E are absolutely free. Absolutely, meaning there is no strings attached.  Urban E Recycling will pick up from business and residents for no charge. They will also come in a marked vehicle with men in uniform.

The second reason....

The second reason to call on Urban E Recycling for electronic recycling is security. Urban E is HIPAA compliant.  Any hard drive that is picked up; from hard drives, copiers, etc. are immediately shredded. Although hard drives can be clean to DoD standards, Urban E Recycling no long erases hard drives. All hard drives are shredded. Why? Because security is too important to our customers. You might care about your private information. We care more. Our reputation depends on it.

The third reason.

The third reason your plan should include disposal security. With Urban E Recycling confirmation is including in the ‘free’ price. Not only do we shred all hard drives, but we will send you a certificate of confirmation via email and video verification.  In fact, if you come to the warehouse facility, you can view your hard drive being shredded and get a certificate immediately.  We love to show off our hard drive shredder.

The Forth…

The fourth reason to do business with Urban E Recycling is the recycling aspect. There is no reselling of your computer. Why should you care? Simply put, your computer is always your computer. Your computer can always be identified as your computer.  There are id codes and tags on different parts of your computer.  

Many donated items end up in the landfill.

You might think it’s a good thing to donate your computer to some charity, but most of the electronics that are donated end up being trashed or sold to someone that doesn’t care about your identity tagged to your computer. Of course, you want to think a child that needs a computer is getting good use of your old computer. Very likely, that is not the case.

We know this to be a fact, because we pick up computers from several charity retail stores and other private charities in the area. 

Think about it. If a charity with your computer has someone come around and offer $100 for a pile of old computers (including your computer) don’t you think they would say , “Yes! Get it out of here.”.

The best plan how to get rid of e-scrap is convenient, free and safe:  Call a company like Urban E Recycling or call us.  If we can’t help you, we will find someone that will.


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