And I thought they only sold copiers.

Last Tuesday, Dean Erskine and I, had the privilege of breaking bread, (really pizza) with some Boring employees. I learned about the Boring Way.

I read many books and listen to many books on record about company culture, processes, and principles. This company actually practices it. I learned so much from this company and plan to imitate the Boring Way.

I sat with Emily, Mike, and Mira while they enjoyed a slice of cheese and pepperoni. I was fascinated how everyone bought into the philosophy of the company. I see now why they are, and have been a successful company 93 years. Yes. They have been in business from 1924. Impressed? I am.

Emily, the marketing admin, says it’s engagement. Others had different ideas why the Boring Way works so well; but they were all consistent with the core principles of the company.

“Boring’s best product is the customer service we offer our customer.” They brag that their goal is all service calls are responded to within one hour. That’s a goal not many companies are brave enough to set.

We also had the benefit of meeting the CEO, Dean Boring. He to know all 50+ employees by name. To me, that says a lot.

I came away with a little pamphlet that spells out all their core principles. Wouldn’t it be nice if your company would literally be on the same page when it came to core values? That is going to be one of my goals for Urban E Recycling. I want to get our core goals in place and get them in the hands of all our employees.

Back to, ‘I thought just sold ‘; they don’t. Boring manages networks, print & copy service (which makes perfect sense), document management, and my favorite, the learning center on their website. To top it off, they are a green company.

We are proud to partner with this awesome enterprise. They do things right. When they have end-of-life electronics, they make sure all data is destroyed by shredding the hard drives and everything else is responsibly recycled.

The Boring way is far from boring. Look into it. I’m glad I did.