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We’re METS fans—but it’s not what you think.

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It’s safe to assume that many local baseball fans root for the Rays, but at Urban E Recycling, we’re METS fans–except it’s not about baseball. Our team of drivers supports the METS process, which, translated, means “Making Everyone Think Safety.”

About the team

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The METS team of Urban E Recycling drivers focuses on a variety of objectives to increase safety:

 Minimizing distractions while on the road
 Paying attention to driving speed
 Transforming good driving behavior into habits
 Providing feedback to reinforce good driving behavior
 Protecting employees and fleet assets
 Encouraging peer communication and support

Onboard safety assistance

Our team keeps two potentially dangerous issues in mind: speeding and distracted driving. An onboard safety monitoring system is installed in each of the company’s vehicles. This video-based system provides snapshots of distractions and speeding data. Approved by agencies such as the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, video-based monitoring records a driver’s actions and views the road ahead to help determine the driver’s reaction to specific events. We have a successful incentive program for their efforts in embracing safety on the road and METS team members are eligible for an incentive program, which involves a monthly payout based on favorable/unfavorable driving reports. There is a  formula that calculates deviations from the ideal driving performance, which is based on speeding and distractions and a ticket for a moving violation cancels the monthly incentive payment, but to date, no such violation has occurred.

The incentive program is relatively new but working well. “The effectiveness of the METS driver safety process far exceeded our expectations for this first year,” says Compliance Officer Paul Bugnacki. “As important as this is for us, the drivers also take the safe driving behaviors home for a 24/7 benefit for them and their families.”

Urban E Recycling isn’t only about e-waste disposal, but it’s also about safety in doing our work for the communities we serve.



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