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Watch Out for Wish Cycling

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Don't we all wish everything could be recycled?

It’s just not the way it is. It is so important to put the right things in the recycling bin and the wrong things in the regular garbage. It’s a hassle. I get it. 

Wish-Cycle is a word I came across a few years ago. I really like the term. Either you know what if is right away, or you don’t feel stupid asking, “What is wish-cycle?”

"What is Wish-Cycle?"

Wish-Cycle is a term that describes the fleeting feeling you get when you throw something in the recycling bin that doesn’t belong. ‘You wish it could be recycled, but now that you’ve tossed it, you won’t retrieve it. (either because you threw it in a public recycling bin or at home, where you cannot bare to dig into garbage) That’s Wish-Cycling in a nutshell.

Check with your county to find out what they take, especially if you have moved recently to another area. Here in Hillsborough County, where I live, we have a pretty good website that explains everything.  They even have an easy to read chart. 

In our county, there are certain rules for recyclables. Be sure to check your county.

Often there are private and public companies that recycle different items. 

Check around.  You might be surprised what you can recycle with little effort. At Urban E Recycling, we recycle electronics and destroy your data by shredding hard drives.


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