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The Practical Resources To Electronic Waste Recycling

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Let’s start with this insane fact:

 Only 2% of the world’s waste is recycled. In other words, for every object manufactured, 2% of it is regenerative, and the rest ends up in landfills, ground, and water. 


All electronic products no longer used are classified as electronic waste or e-waste. Computers, laptops, phones, and other devices, as well as those that are single-use and multi-use, fall into this category.

The main concern with e-waste is its environmental impact on our landfills. Lead, mercury, and cadmium are toxins contained in e-waste, which can leach into water sources if not disposed of properly.

1.Electronic Waste recycling tools online


Find recycling locations near you using the following online tools:

EPA – You can find a list of certified recyclers in your area on the EPA’s website. UPS and FedEx Ground also recycle printers and televisions, which can be shipped in oversized boxes.

Earth911 – You can find recycling centers near you by entering your zip code or city name on Earth911. It is Earth911’s quest to help you find your shade of green. Its mission is to educate and inform consumers, businesses, and communities to encourage earth-friendly choices and sustainable consumption.

2.Electronic Waste Education 


E-Stewardship Library – you can learn about e-waste recycling by visiting the website. Various information is provided, including how to recycle e-waste, what happens to it at the recycling facility, and what to avoid when recycling e-waste. A list of useful links is also available at the library.

Electronic Recyclers International– ERI is a non-profit organization that develops environmentally responsible electronics recycling practices with manufacturers and recyclers. The organization’s website provides a wealth of information on properly disposing of electronic equipment and links to companies that will accept them for recycling.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection – strongly recommends recycling all unwanted electronic products such as televisions, computers, and cell phones. Check the website’s Regulatory Guidelines for the Management of Unwanted Electronic Products here:  https://floridadep.gov/.

Also, you can find reports, updates, and events on this website. https://floridadep.gov/waste/waste-reduction/content/recycling


K-12- educators have worked to integrate recycling into K-12 education. The integration of recycling into science and social studies classrooms was first motivated by the inclusion of recycling in the national education standards for these subjects. Common areas where recycling integrates into the curriculum include studying natural resources, general environmental units, soil units, water units, community units, economic units, and geography units.

3. Electronic Waste Facility Locator 

State governments are pushing electronic recycling laws to address the growing problem of electronic waste. Encourage more consumers to recycle their old electronics instead of throwing them away or selling them at second-hand stores. 

When looking for an electronic waste facility, look for one that will help you meet your goals and protect your brand by ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations regarding e-waste recycling. A good partner will have vital compliance programs to ensure that potentially harmful materials are removed from products before recycling or disposal.

Additionally, the company should be transparent about where their waste ends after leaving your facility. You should be able to see a full traceability report detailing where each piece of equipment went after it left your facility, as well as how long it took for all of the parts to reach their final destinations.

If you live in Tampa, Sarasota, and Orlando, Urban E Recycling offers its services for FREE. Check the items that can be recycled here: https://urbanerecycling.com/items/

  • Computers (Desktop & Laptop)
  • Servers
  • Hard Drives
  • All Circuit Boards
  • UPS Battery Backups
  • Monitors (Flat Screen Only)
  • Printers
  • DVD players
  • VCRs
  • Modems
  • Batteries
  • Routers
  • X-Ray Film
  • Cell Phone/ Mobile Phones
  • Telephones
  • Telephone Systems
  • Phone System Hardware
  • Insulated Cable & Wire
  • Video Games/X-Boxes
  • Laptops
  • Ipads & Tablets
  • Cable Boxes

This facility can recycle most electronics from wires to a rack of servers. However, it cannot recycle CRT monitors and televisions. Regardless of the size of your requirement, your expectations will be met. Urban E Recycling offers FREE pick-up and shredding services and issues Certificate of Data Destruction. Urban Recycling is more than just a recycling company. It provides recycling and sustainability solutions for businesses and households.


Right now, the world is facing two problems: we are producing too many electronics, and at the same time, we are discarding millions of old gadgets. 

Can you contribute to the solution? 

Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 


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Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 

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