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Promoting Green: Here’s How Seniors Can Live an Eco-Friendly Environment

For seniors, an eco-friendly environment can be highly beneficial for them. A Nature study in 2020 shows that green living improves physical and mental health. With all its positive effects, it’s vital to immerse older adults in such a lifestyle as soon as possible. The goal of eco-friendly living seems simple enough, but the amount […]

When to Upgrade Electronic Gadgets

Upgrading Your Electronic Gadgets Through the years of having an electronic gadget serving its purpose, there are instances that our units break and finally give in to their life expectancy. It can also be lost or stolen, holding a personal data breach risk. There may also be a new release of electronic device succeeding to […]

How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable?

How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable?  Everyone wants companies to be sustainable, but what is it going to cost? What’s in it for me as an entrepreneur and small business? Here is what Urban E Recycling did. Urban E Recycling is an electronic recycling business. We care about the environment and the […]

Spend More Money to Recycle; But Not With Us

People that had done business with Urban E Recycling know we never charge for our services. Tweet We don’t want your money. We want your end-of-life electronics. Just in case you didn’t know, we recycle electronics in the Tampa Bay Area (now all of Florida); so, obviously, we are not talking about spending more money […]

E-waste Creating Employment

Recycling e-waste creates jobs for professional recyclers and refurbishers and creates new markets for the valuable components that are dismantled. Kelly Sampson Tweet The e-waste business is getting bigger. The recycling of electronic waste is a rapidly expanding industry around the world and particularly here in the United States.  E-waste is usually comprised of old computers, […]

April 12th Earth Day ‘On Location’ Collection

Urban E Recycling will be available on April 12th at 1626 Natures Way Blvd, Valrico, Florida, to celebrate Earth Day by helping consumers recycle their old electronic items for no charge. 3/2014 Green is the color for March. The drive to promote a “greener” Tampa Bay Area has received a huge boost from Urban E […]

The Big BaG Theory – Not Computer Recycling

Let me tell your about the Big BaG Theory. A while back, I  visit some offices to let them know that Urban E Recycling is servicing the Tampa Bay area. Just so you know, we pick up end-of-life electronics at no charge, destroy data, etc.  It’s cold calling on the street but in a nice […]

Success Story of Florida in the Florida Trends Magazine

DATA DESTRUCTION AND ELECTRONIC RECYCLING Business. SBDC, Small Business Development Center doing it’s job helping small business. After 25 years in the recycling business, Greg and Dell Rabinowitz was inspired to start a company of their own when the industry shifted from metals to technology. In 2012, Dell and Greg launched Urban E Recycling. “We […]

Make Every Day Earth Day

Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin You can make small changes in your little corner of the world that will contribute to the overall well-being of the planet the entire year. Tweet Earth Day is April 22. Let’s celebrate by recycling. Earth Day is often about big acts or events focusing on the planet as a whole, […]

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