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How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable?

How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable? ¬†Everyone wants companies to be sustainable, but what is it going to cost? What’s in it for me as an entrepreneur and small business? Here is what Urban E Recycling did. Urban E Recycling is an electronic recycling business. We care about the environment and the […]

Asset Recovery vs. E-Scrap vs. Recycling

There is a big difference E-scrap, and Computer Recycling and Asset Recover. We do all three. Tweet When you look up electronic recycling in Google or any other search engine, you find a few too many companies that claim to recycle your computer. Recycling electronics means very different things to different companies and people. Some […]


I read many books and listen to many books on record about company culture, processes, and principles. This company actually practices it. I learned so much from this company and plan to imitate the Boring Way. Tweet Last Tuesday, Dean Erskine and I, had the privilege of breaking bread, (really pizza) with some Boring employees. […]

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