Are Non-Profits Liable for A Computer Data Breach?

information breach for charity

Your nonprofit might not be in the midst of a data breach crisis, but did you ever ask about what your charitable organization’s responsibility when it comes to a data breach? Read More Tweet Your nonprofit might not be in the midst of a data breach crisis, but did you ever ask the question about […]

Local Recycling Business Crushes It

Urban E Recycling’s meteoric rise from a two-person garage operation to a business now grossing $2.6-million annually with three locations and 22 employees is an example of the success small businesses can attain with solid planning, wise decisions, hard work, and some luck. News Release 2018 Homegrown venture among Hillsborough County’s many small business Urban […]

Electronic Recycling Industry Gets Recognition in Tampa Bay Florida

Urban E Recycling is one out of three finalists in the Small Business of the Year Award presented by the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, in the Startup category. 2018 Greater Tampa Chamber has recognized local small business. Urban E Recycling is one out of three finalists in the Small Business of the Year Award […]

Asset Recovery vs. E-Scrap vs. Recycling

There is a big difference E-scrap, and Computer Recycling and Asset Recover. We do all three. Tweet When you look up electronic recycling in Google or any other search engine, you find a few too many companies that claim to recycle your computer. Recycling electronics means very different things to different companies and people. Some […]

The Bad Thing About Good Credit

“A man who pays his bills on time is soon forgotten.” ~Oscar Wilde~ Tweet We seem to all strive for a good credit rating. Of course, that makes common sense. A good credit score can get you lower mortgage rates, lower insurance rates, allow to borrow more money and sometimes enhance your chance of getting […]

OMG! I Just Read Something Disturbing About Recycling Computers

Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin ……it tells me something that is very possible and likely that goes on in the electronic recycling business. READ MORE The hacking, scamming and fraud are neverending. The article I read is not from a reliable source, so I won’t quote it. But despite the unreliable source, it tells me something […]

Do The Unexpected and You’ll Win

The one sentence I couldn’t get away from was a line he quoted from his father,”Do the unexpected, and you’ll win.” Tweet I had to find out. This morning, a post jumped on my computer with this title and a picture of Einstein. I really wasn’t interested in reading the article, but I clicked on […]

Why It’s Important to Shred a Hard Drive

hard drive removal for shredding

Not only does recycling computers the right way protect you, but computer recycling protects the earth from being mined for precious metals. Tweet Trust but verify. The hard drive’s responsibility is to store information. Every file you have saved onto your computer is located on this one component. This is where your computer remembers the […]


I read many books and listen to many books on record about company culture, processes, and principles. This company actually practices it. I learned so much from this company and plan to imitate the Boring Way. Tweet Last Tuesday, Dean Erskine and I, had the privilege of breaking bread, (really pizza) with some Boring employees. […]

Our New Baby Shredder Finally Arrived!

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