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On Location Earth Event April 12th

Urban E Recycling will be available on April 12th at 1626 Natures Way Blvd, Valrico, Florida, to celebrate Earth Day by helping consumers recycle their old electronic items for no charge. 03/2014 March 15, 2014 The drive to promote a “greener” Tampa Bay Area has received a huge boost from Urban E Recycling, a local […]

What’s Worth More Than Gold? Everything!

Streets of gold has been promised to us if we get to heaven. But where does all that gold come from? Streets of gold is a glorious promise of heaven.  Rivers of gold is a disastrous event happening on earth. The recent Gold King Mine spill, turned the waters north of Durango, deep yellow with the […]

7 Must-Haves for The Great American Teach-In

Great American Teach-in is a day local businesses introduce children to the variety of jobs and careers. The Teach-in started off for parents of the classroom students to present their career and what they did on their job. Participation was inadequate so the school system started reaching out to local businesses. Dell Rabinowitz, Urban E Recycing Great American […]

Make Every Day Earth Day

Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin You can make small changes in your little corner of the world that will contribute to the overall well-being of the planet the entire year. Tweet Earth Day is April 22. Let’s celebrate by recycling. Earth Day is often about big acts or events focusing on the planet as a whole, […]

It’s More Important Than You Think To Recycle Computers

Small business in Florida keep their employees working through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is how we do it. Tweet Electronic Computer Recycling Near Me?  “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component […]

Why It’s Important to Shred a Hard Drive

hard drive removal for shredding

Not only does recycling computers the right way protect you, but computer recycling protects the earth from being mined for precious metals. Tweet Trust but verify. The hard drive’s responsibility is to store information. Every file you have saved onto your computer is located on this one component. This is where your computer remembers the […]

How NOT To Recycle Televisions

TV recycling is the most challenging when it comes to electronic recycling. Recycling televisions are costly & sometimes dangerous. Tweet Why you should never leave your TV at the curb. I see it all the time. Good intentional folks leave their television on the curbside with a sign, ‘Works’, or something to that effect. The […]

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