Under the Sea: From Cape May-Lewes Ferry to Artificial Reef

twin capes ferry

  by Sherilyn Lau  Have you ever wondered what’s on the ocean floor?  Or maybe you’ve thought about what type of home supports marine life such as sea whips and mussels? On the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, 26 miles due east of the Indian River Inlet in Delaware, lies a collection of retired vessels […]

Lessons in Managing Stormwater

sign for sedgefield elementary school

by Tom Damm Schools planning field trips to teach students about stormwater pollution may not have to travel far.  For many, the lesson is right outside their doors. School buildings and grounds are potentially big conveyors of stormwater as rain washes over their roofs, parking lots and other hard surfaces, picking up pollutants before chugging […]

Small Funds Leading to Big Impacts

By Alyssa Edwards Small funds don’t always mean small impacts. As the EPA’s Environmental Justice Small Grant program has shown us, oftentimes, very small funds, when put in the hands of community-based organizations (CBOs), can achieve big results. Since the program’s inception in 1994, more than 1,400 CBOs have done just that. And we are […]