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What Does St. Petersburg Do When They Have End-Of-Life Electronics?

They call Urban E Recycling!

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Urban E Recycling Gives You Peace of Mind, Here Keeping St. Pete beautiful!

Absolutely Secure

We care about your security as much as you do. Our reputation depends on it.

Hard Drives Are Shredded

We thrive on doing the right thing.

No Charge for Pick Up

We are here for you, St. Petersburg. Let's keep our beautiful city beautiful.

Schedule Online

Choose your date and time.

We Are HIPAA Compliant

That mean medical record on hard drives are safe with us.

We Are HIPAA Compliant & Registered with the EPA

We care about the environment as much as you do.  We live here too!

Amazing But True

How can we do all we do without charging? We make our money scrapping out the metals and plastics. When you give us your electronic waste, you are giving us the material we need to recycle it into precious and non-precious elements.

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Mother Nature doesn't want your old computers

But we do!
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