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Spend More Money to Recycle; But Not With Us

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We don’t want your money. We want your end-of-life electronics.

Just in case you didn’t know, we recycle electronics in the Tampa Bay Area (now all of Florida); so, obviously, we are not talking about spending more money with us. We don’t want your money, we want your end-of-life electronics.

What I am talking about is spending more money on new purchases. People that know me well know that is something I don’t normally say. I am thrifty as they come.

Being in the business, I take information security very seriously. I never worry about the data on my computer, because I am very confident that our system can destroy all data from hard drives

Paper? –that’s another story. I get personal mail every day with credit card offers, medical information, insurance documents; you name it; I get it in a sealed envelopes stamped by the postal service. The personal information just piles up. I recycle all the envelopes, sales brochures, and other generic paper, in my recycle bin, but the personal ink to paper I keep. I throw in a drawer waiting to purchase yet another paper shredder to destroy all traces of personal information.

So, what’s my point?

The point is I have burnt out a few paper shredders in my time. The last one lasted a few years. That is an improvement. I did spend more money on that paper shredder. 

Research and read reviews on paper shredders that next time you purchase one. In fact, do research on all electronics.  

You may have to paid a little more for electronics that last longer. I know some electronics have to be replace often to keep up with technology, but paper shredders, blenders, lamps, vacuum cleaners and other electronics have not changed too much in recent years.

Think, do some research and buy with wisdom. We see many small electronics in the landfill and in our warehouse. 


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