People that had done business with Urban E Recycling know we never charge for our services. Just in case you didn’t know, we recycle electronics in the Tampa Bay Area; so, obviously, we are not talking about spending more money with us. We don’t want your mpaper_shredderoney. We want your end-of-life electronics.

What I am talking about is spending more money on new purchases. People that know me well know that is something I don’t normally say.

Being in the business, I take information security very seriously. I never worry about the data on my computer, because I am very confident that our system can destroy all data from hard drives. Paper? –that’s another story. I get personal mail every day with credit card offers, medical information, insurance documents; you name it; I get it in sealed in envelopes stamped by the postal service. The personal information just piles up. I recycle all the envelopes, sales brochures, and other generic paper, in my recycle bin, but the personal ink to paper I keep. I throw in a drawer waiting to purchase the paper shredder to destroy all traces of personal information.