Small business in Florida keep their employees working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is how they do it.

Urban E Recycling is considered a waste company, and no doubt they are. The company handles e-waste and recycles the end-of-life electronics to earth elements. That is the first of the keys to why. E-waste is an essential business. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t tough for the first few months. Most of their clients are closed, or at least the employees are staying home to work.

The second reason is the company chooses to be HIPAA Complaint since the beginning, The fact that they are HIPAA Compliant means they are able to take care of the hospitals and emergency care facilities and other essential businesses. In fact, the Advent Health System keeping them busy as we speak.

The third reason is, they are prepared. Actually, in 2018, they hurricane left them with no electricity for ten days. After they successfully got through those days, COVID-19 didn’t seem so daunting. The management team quickly got online with the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, and found out what they recommend. This is a daily routine.

The fourth reason is the facility. Fortunately they have a 27,000 square foot facility. The employees can easily be space six feet or more from each other. They are required to wear masks and temperature is taken at arrival. They were able to change the model slightly, disallowing guests to be touring the facility. Watch the hard drives being shredded is no longer a practice. The basic model still remains the same. When the pandemic is over, who knows what changes need to come about.

The fifth reason, they applied for the PPP loan and was approved quickly, thanks to Hanisha Patel and the CenterState Bank. They could have survived without it, but it would have been very tough for a small business with 22 employees. The owners didn’t take a paycheck for some time to lighten the payroll load.

To go over the five key reasons this particular small business is able to keep employees working is:

1. They are an essential business.

2. They are HIPAA Compliant and able to serve medical facilities large and small.

3. They are prepared.

4. They have the ability to separate employees within their facility as required by the CDC.

5. They were prepared and prompt to handle payroll.

In closing, the small but robust business, Urban E Recycling, remains unscathed and intact for business. The service is still at no charge to destroy data by shredding hard drives and recycling electronics responsibly.