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Security First When It Comes To Recycling Computers

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• Security cameras

• Three degausser

• Seven, state of the art, Hard Drive Shredder

And a cage to keep wanderers locked out

Would you like to get to know us? We are your electronic recycling center that destroys hard drives by shredding. At Urban E Recycling, we take hard drive data security seriously. In fact, we shred all hard drives or any electronic media.

Do you think that is excessive?

 We do not. When it comes to personal information and data destruction, we go to extreme measures for your peace of mind

Data destruction by shredding hard drives and responsible electronic recycling is our promise to you. Your data is confidential information. At Urban E Recycling, we welcome you to tour and get up close to our destruction process. You will see the physical destruction we put the hard disks through

Get to know us.

 We are here to serve the Greater Florida Area. We have locations in Tampa hard drive shredding center, Orlando hard drive shredding service, and Bradenton, where we also shred hard disks. All locations have hard drive shredding equipment, and Tampa has a shredding machine that destroys SSD cards.

Destruction by shredding is guaranteed when it comes to our company’s hard drive shredding service.

Hard drive destruction does not include 1) soaking your hard drive in bleach; 2) placing a hard drive disk in the microwave (very dangerous), 3) hitting the hard drive with hard objects such as a hammer (also dangerous), 4) soaking the hard drive in vinegar, 5) no muriatic is used for hard drive destruction, nor 6) magnets used. However, we do have a machine that will erase a hard drive before shredding if policy requires it. The device is called a degausser.


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