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When it come to disposing or recycling computers and other electronics, it’s important to know the process of the company you are dealing with. You want a company that destroys data by shredding. This is important because research shows that 40% of all hard drives resold on Ebay and Amazon has remaining data on them.

When you are choosing a e-waste recycling company

When you are choosing a e-waste recycling company, look for authentic reviews from Yelp, Google and possibly Facebook. I like to see a e-waste recycling center welcome visitors to see the process.

Another thing to look for is their policy. Are they 100% non-landfill? Do they ship overseas? Do they have a downstream that is clean and responsible?

Why do some companies charge for hard drive destruction?

Why do some companies charge for hard drive destruction? Why do some companies not charge? Is their limits to what they pick up? Is there a certificate with the data destruction? How do they destroy data? Is it just punched? Is is scrubbed? Is it erased? Is it degaussed? Do they shred hard drives on site?

In this article, I will answer these question one at a time focusing on a company I know.
Urban E Recycling collects old electronics, destroys data by shredding and is 100% no landfill policy.

We have 2 ways to destroy data. One way is to shred. We shred all data devices even if we don’t know who’s they are. We do have a state-of-the-art deguasser, but that is for special request. There is no charges for any of our services. Why would someone deguass instead of shredding? Neither can be reused as a data device again. They best and simplest reason is, a company may need to turn in hard drives for warranty reasons, or security reasons to get their hard drives replaced. We see that when there is a head quarters in another state. They might have to send them off for inventory.

Another reason, it just may be in their old policy handbook, before shredding was so available.
de·gauss. (dēˈɡous)
neutralize magnetic field to remove data completely.

Why do some companies charge for shredding and some don’t?

Why do some companies charge for shredding and some don’t? I am just guessing, but the companies that do charge, they charge because they can. The shredding machines to handle hard drives are very expensive. Urban E Recycling has four hard drive shredders. The newest and fastest shred 1500 per hour. The others are a little slower. The reason our company doesn’t charge for shredding of hard drives is because we don’t have to. We make our money scraping the e-waste. We get gold, silver, copper, aluminum and steel for these old electronics.


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