Randolph T. Meyers, Jr., is better known as Pops at Urban E Recycling. Pops stopped us, or at least slowed us down every weekday morning. I am not saying that Pops is a slow worker or lazy. Not in the least. Pops is a crossing guard for the city of Tampa and he makes sure all automobiles driving on Central Avenue are going 20 miles per hour or stopped when school children are crossing. That’s how we met Pops. Every morning he would be out there waving and saluting us as we slowed down or stopped. Our cars were hard to miss, since they had Urban E Recycling, printed all over them.

One day, close to spring break, Pops stopped us at a red light and said he would like to work for us over spring break. “Yeah, o.k.”, Greg answered, thinking that this man didn’t know what he was asking. Sure, it was hot on the street corner crossing children with the stoplights, but the warehouse meant real labor and breezeless heat waves. A few days later Pops asked again. We did need an extra hand at the warehouse so we gave Pops a try.To our delight, Pops, Randolph T. Meyers, Jr., was a 60 year old, fast learner and hard worker. Prying a little more into Pops’ personal life, we found out that he also works as a foster grandparent at Egypt Lake Elementary School.

There he teaches little ones their numbers, the alphabet and basic learning skills they might not get at home. In his former life he drove a school bus for the city, and also city buses for Hart of Tampa. He is the proud parent of three children, three grandchildren and one great grandchild. His off-time, he likes to go fishing. Correction; he LOVES to go fishing.

Thankfully, Pops wanted some extra work during the summer months, because we needed him again. We welcomed him back because we like Pops