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Our Services

No Charges for E-waste Services at Urban E Recycling. 

Around Tampa Bay Area

Computer recycling and electronic recycling is what we do.

We will recycle your computers, cell phones, laptops, telecom systems and other office electronics. We will pick up your e-waste in any Florida Area businesses for NO CHARGE. We believe that business and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. With the overwhelming speed of changing technology, we are in a position to make sure your outdated or non-useable electronics will be recycled safely, ethically and responsibly. We are a local company with the Tampa Bay community in mind. We try to get involved in community projects. We give back to our city, county, and community. We believe in what we do, and do what we believe in. If you have a project that you think we should partner with, please contact us. We welcome questions and suggest

Mother Nature doesn't want your old computers, but we do!

No strings attached!​ FREE tech recycling & data shredding

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We offer:

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We Pick Up End-Of-Life Electronics

We pick up at your location. There is never a charge for our service. We pick up from businesses and residences (limited for residential).  Actually, we have a network to reach most of the United States.

We Destroy Your Data

Data Destruction Services. We actually shred all hard drives. We don’t want to take a chance on your security. You can be sure your data is destroyed and non-recoverable after Urban E Recycling handles it.

D. Rabinowitz cert

Certificates Of Data Destruction

Never a charge for our services. There is no charge for certificates of Data Destruction.  Just make sure we have a good email address so we can send it to you when the data is destroyed. Most data destruction services are performed withn 36 hours.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Mission

Our Company mission is to make proper disposal of electronic waste convenient & secure.

Our Philosophy

We believe that most individuals will do the right thing if we make it convenient.

Our Promise

We promise to keep your electronics out of the landfill and keep your data secure by shredding hard drives.

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