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Our safety program—exceeding expectations

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Our safety program—exceeding expectations

Safety is always top of mind at Urban E Recycling. Everything we do revolves around practices that protect our employees in the business of electronics recycling and, by extension, our customers. And with the help of Paul Bugnacki, our safety Consultant, we’ve established one of the best safety programs anywhere.

Overseeing safety

A former chemical company employee, Paul knows a thing or two about on-the-job safety. He joined Urban E Recycling in 2001 and oversees company/employee safety for all locations. Here are some of Paul’s responsibilities:
· Establishes and maintains health/environmental/safety (HES) policies and programs
· Performs hazard assessments
· Creates job safety analyses for any new or changed tasks
· Performs accident investigations
· Monitors activities that minimize exposure to hazards
· Manages employee safety training. 


OSHA compliance

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), which is part of the United States Department of Labor, sets and enforces standards for “safe and healthful working conditions.” Paul ensures that Urban E Recycling is always in compliance with OSHA rules. Of those that apply to the company, he believes the most important pertain to forklift training, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), on-road driver training, and an emergency action plan. Making safety a priority.

Our company focuses on e-waste disposal

 We are in the business of hard drive shredding and data destruction, and injuries are certainly possible. Safety experts say that employee training is the first step in avoiding a hazardous environment and potential work-related injuries. Paul Bugnacki takes that mindset to the next level by maintaining a positive culture of safety at Urban E Recycling.


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