If you know anything about Urban E Recycling, you know we take P.I. (Personal Information) very seriously.

About a month ago, we were called by a medium to large financial institution. We met with them and explained our model and process. We were delighted to find out, two of the officers had a personal referral that recommended us. After all the questions were asked and answered, both parties felt good about the arrangement of doing business.

We know that this financial institution used to remove their hard drives and sent them to equipment auctions in the past. We knew they had that process in place before they told us because ‘things get around’ in our industry. We gently told them the harm it could have to dispose of computers through public auctions. I won’t explain why here. That is for another paragraph and maybe a deeper consideration for an entire blog.

Last week we were called for the first pick up. As a financial institution, they pull the hard drives before disposal to get them shredded by us, onsite on another date. Of course, we were there on time, and they were happy as clams to see we did exactly what we said we would do. When we got back to the warehouse and we did what we always do which is open the computers to make sure all data devices were removed before we give them to the dismantling team. Out of over a hundred computers, we found two hard drives still in computers. This is an easy mistake to make when a team is removing hundreds of hard drives is a short time. When we found these hard drives, we put them in a lockbox and delivered them back to the company for future shredding by us.

Think about this. For years, this financial institution has been pulling their hard drives and sending them to a public auction for the highest bidder to purchase. Do you think hard drives could have been overlooked in times past? Probably.

Overlooked hard drives in computers are just one hazard of many. Hard drive data should be taken very seriously. That is exactly why Urban E Recycling does not erase, scrub or punch hard drives and other data devices. We are the proud owners of four NSA Approved hard-drive shredders. We destroy all hard drives by shredding. I feel like I need to remind you here that we never charge for our services. Onsite hard drive shredding is always an option with us. After all, we have four hard drive shredders and three of them are mobile. Urban E Recycling – where security is the priority.