The hacking, scamming and fraud are neverending.

The article I read is not from a reliable source, so I won’t quote it. But despite the unreliable source, it tells me something that is very possible and likely that goes on in the electronic recycling business. It just reaffirms that we run our business the right way.  We do not refurbish or repair computers that come into our e-waste recycling center. We destroy them.Urban E Recycling recycles computers and other electronics down to the raw elements.

 So, let me tell you and warn you what can, and no doubt is happening.When you buy computers online, refurbished or otherwise, you really never know what you are getting. A small percentage will look inside the computer hardware to inspect it. Chances are, if you are that type, you would probably be building your own computer. According to this article, I read, there are spy devices that can read your mail, and bank account numbers and other personal records. The device can send it over the internet and reach a certain destination where it can be read and recorded.

hard drive talking
Check out your electronic waste, e-waste, recycling company you are using.  Do they destroy data?How do they destroy data? Do they punch the hard drives? Punching hard drives with a large spike does very little to secure personal information. Do they erase or scrub? Some hard drives take up to seven hours to wipe completely. One or two wipes does very little to erase. Data can be recovered from most ‘wiped’ hard drives. Or, does the e-waste recycling company shred hard drives like Urban E Recycling. Know the process. It’s very important to know your data is completely destroyed. Always get a certificate of data destruction for your peace of mind.

We are a local e-waste company that has a unique model. We are not non-profit or a charity. We are a profitable, six-year-old company in the Tampa Bay area. The surprising thing is,we do not charge for any service we do.

Services We Provide:

  • Pickups
  • Data Destruction
  • Certification of Data Destruction
  • Responsible Recycling

We make our money on scrapping out the precious and semi-precious metals. This is an interesting process (to me) of recycling. Actually, our process istrue recycling. Every bit of the computer is de-labeled and all hard drives are shredded.

We welcome visitors to our warehouse to see the process. It’s impressive to see the mangled and fragmented pieces the hard drive shredder spits out. And still, this is the beginning of the process. Come to see us and we will explain the whole procedure, or at least, visit us on the web

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