What We Offer for Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical clinics that are HIPAA Compliant, we got you covered. In other words, you can be serviced by Urban E Recycling at no charge.

Your Security is Our Priority

Everyone that touches hard drives or any other data device are HIPAA Compliant. Our employees understand what it means to be accountable. In addition,we have a paper trail that should pass even the most rigorous audit. All hard drives are shredded, certified and visually recorded.

  • Pick up from your facility

  • Data destruction by shredding hard drives

  • HIPAA Certificate & Transfer of Responsibility

  • Responsible Recycling of Electronics

Why do we not charge for certified data destruction?

Urban E Recycling is an electronic scrap company. Therefore, we need your material. We do not repair or refurbish your equipment. There are precious and semi-precious metals in electronic waste to be recovered. That’s how we make our money.

Onsite shredding available at no charge for hospital and larger clinics.
Lady Doctor

Below is a partial list of what we recycle. 


X-Ray Film




Flatscreen Monitors

Fax Machines

Phone Systems



USB Cords

Backup Batteries

Pill Dispensers



X-Ray Film

Cell Phone/ Mobile Phones


Telephone Systems

Phone System Hardware

Insulated Cable & Wire

Baby Monitors


Ipads & Tablets

Cable Boxes

Lithium Batteries

Patient Monitors

Ultrasound Machine

What people say about us…

“I have used this service three times in the past few years and I could not be more pleased with the service. I would recommend this to all.”

Terry Weihoneig

“Typically I am not one to write reviews(positive or negative) however, about a year ago I called and talked to Justin about the services they could provide for my business. I was extremely hesitant about my computers falling into the wrong hands. He offered an invitation to the facility where I watched my electronics be broken down, hard drive removed and put into a grinder. While Waiting on my destruction certificate I was given a tour to see the operation. Before I left I scheduled a pick up, the very next day Devon arrived. He could not have been more professional and thorough.

Today I called, then made another drive because we accrued some laptops and iphones. Exceptional and personable service once again, from the unloading of my vehicle, to seeing the new “data pulverizer”. The next visit can’t come soon enough!”

Nathan Keiser

“The people at Urban e-Recycling are amazing. I work for Secure Network Services, a local IT company based in Polk County and we have been recommending Urban e-Recycling to all of our clients and they have impressed every single one. They provide an amazing service and have been an invaluable resource. We will continue to use Urban e-Recycling for all recycling services and wish them continued growth. Special thanks to Dean in the Lakeland Florida location!”

Richard Sierra
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