Keeping your money in your OWN Business.
It seems like everyone is after your money. It cost money to advertise. Likewise, it costs money to pay employees, it cost money to pay your mortgage, utilities, insurance, software update, office supplies, repairs, computers, hard drive shredding, and the list goes on.
If you could reduce just a little in each category, depending on the size of your business, you would save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Of course, to shop around, analyze, and compare all these expense items takes time. Sometimes, it might take knowledge that you don’t have. Everyone can’t be an expert at everything.
“…we can save you hundreds, maybe thousands in electronic waste disposal and hard drive data destruction.”
Urban E Recycling cannot save you one paper supplies, insurance or your lease, but we can save you hundreds, maybe thousands in electronic waste disposal and hard drive data destruction. We have done this for many companies. In fact, we saved, conservatively, around $6,000.00 or more for Pinellas County Health Care System. We’ve saved over $200,000 for a local hospital. We’ve saved hundreds, maybe thousands, for the Florida prison systems.
Urban E Recycling is a locally, women owned electronic recycling business. We do not charge for hard drive destruction by shredding. Our company does this to get to get the rest of the material. We understand that we could charge for data destruction. And we also know, if we erased those hard drives, we could charge for erasing and resell them for a profit.

Lately, we have been accused of ‘leaving money on the table’.

The way we look at it; it’s not leaving money on the table, it’s leaving money in our local businesses. We get the material we need; you get a valuable service for no charge. In my opion, this is a win-win transaction.
Urban E Recycling services include:
We don’t play games, like, “okay, we will pay you for this, but we will charge you for that.” The items we take are plainly displayed on our website. Basically, everything from computers to wires, monitors, keyboards, even copiers and fax machines. Basically, the only thing we do not recycle is is cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitors.
Our mission is the make proper disposal of electronic waste convenient and secure. Moreover, one of our big rewards is keeping electronics from the landfill. Do your part by helping us to do our part by helping you to do your part. In other words, help me help you keep your money in your own business. Electronic disposal and hard drive shredding at no charge.