Someone emailed me about waste of time and money in the office that can easily be avoided. She asked me not to use her name, but she had some real concerns about waste and she had some simple tips I would like to share. Not just for her office, but tips that can be used in offices everywhere. See if the following makes sense for your office.

Keep only one garbage can in the office kitchen. On “refrigerator clean-out” day, pull out an extra can with a liner, of course. Two cans are better than one on “refrigerator clean-out” day. This will keep the floor cleaner and the breakroom aroma sweeter.

Do not have two or more garbage cans next to each other. It seems people prefer to use an empty garbage pail. For some reason, two garbage cans, right next to each other, will be each barely used, but both have to be emptied on clean up day.

Think about it. If you only throw out something sticky in a garbage can, the liner has to be replaced. Most cleaning people are allowed to remove paper and reuse the liner but stickiness is a problem. For example:

1 piece of unwrapped, chewed gym = new liner

1 used tea bag = new liner

1 fruit pit = new liner

1 peel-off yogurt top = new liner

1 k-cup = new liner

1 used coffee cup = new liner

(You get the idea?)

If children are visiting, supervise them in the restrooms. Kids will often have fun with paper products when they are not watched. Water and tissue paper are a bad combination in the wrong little hands.

I own an electronic recycling company, Urban E Recycling, but I do appreciate all conscientiousness of waste. If you can’t recycle it, try to eliminate it.