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How To Dispose Of Old Televisions

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Almost everyday someone asked us what to do with old televisions.

Here is the solution we have for you

Almost everyday someone asked us what to do with old televisions.

Here is the solution we have.

As an electronic recycling company, we are asked daily how to dispose of TVs properly. Urban E Recycling recycles electronics, shred hard drives, and does commercial pickup in central Florida and beyond. We also can do residential pickups in the Tampa Bay Area,  where our headquarters is located. We do not pick up televisions and here is the reason why.


We do have a drop-off location in Tampa and Bradenton Florida and soon we will have one in Orlando.

Big-screen TVs take a lot of room in our box trucks. They do not have dangerous toxins in them as CRT units do, so we will handle them. We do not accept CRTs, but we usually have a source for them. Call us for information. Fortunately, we have good resources in most of the Florida counties.

It seems that other electronic recycling companies will pick up CRTs. Some will and some won’t. Of course, they will charge you for the service. The reason Urban E Recycling doesn’t pick up televisions is they cost us money to recycle. It’s true, everything costs to recycle properly but CRTs are extra costly. They cost us more to recycle than what they are worth. Let me explain.

The CRT (cathode ray tube) glass in a television hold mercury and lead and other toxins. 

The CRT glass holds mercury and lead and other toxins and has to be handled in a special way. In fact, I have seen factories that handle CRTs correctly and it’s not easy; nor cheap. They have to have a sealed-off room. The employees that work with the CRTs are fitted into HazMat suites and paid high salaries. Not only that, but the insurance risk is quite higher too. All that being said, the biggest reason Urban E Recycling does not pick up or handle CRTs, is we do want to keep our services free of charge. Don’t you?

Some counties have a great program for residentials to drop off their CRT televisions and computer monitors. Check with your county waste department.

That is why we do not handle CRT and pick up flat-screen TVs. We will gladly recycle flat-screen televisions if they are brought to us.

Keeping it green. Keeping it free. Keeping it safe. Keeping it out of the landfill.


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