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How To Dispose Of A Laptop Hard Drive

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Partially deleted data can come back to haunt you.

To dispose of a laptop hard drive in the most secure way is to shred it. Even the best erasing machines leave data a hard drive. In fact, on Sept 16, 2016 the NBC Nightly News story “How Supposedly-Deleted Personal Data Can Come Back to Haunt You

In fact, recently discovered, 46% of personal computers and other used data devices purchased online, still contained personal information belonging to the prior owners. 

The possibility that there is still data on erased hard drives are too high.

The only way you can rest assured that all data is destroyed is with proper shredding of hard drives. It does no good if you protect your social security number and bank account numbers and credit card numbers if you are letting your hard drive be wiped and not shredded. The possibility that there is still data on erased hard drives are too high for my comfort.

another report on data left on hard drive.

  • 42% of erased hard drives leaves bits of data on hard drives.
  • Shredding is the required standard by NSA and The Department of Defense.
  • Information is non-recoverable after hard drive shredding.


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