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How Karma Sometimes Works in the Hard Drive Shredding Business

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The (unlooked for) rewards of recycling

At Urban E Recycling, we have great customers who appreciate that getting responsibly rid of their old electronics helps the environment.

An unusual request

For example, a new customer came to us wanting to shred his hard drives. He also said he needed to shred paper. This is not a job we take on, but we do have a commercial-grade paper shredder on the premises. That being the case, we offered to shred his paper and save him a trip to get it done elsewhere.

We had no idea how much paper he had—it was a lot—but we carried through with our offer. Our new customer happily went on his way, having accomplished all his shredding needs at one stop.

However, he did have one final question: Would it be all right to buy the team lunch?

We're Agreeable

We answered in the affirmative. This is not an unusual question, and the team is always pleased to receive the occasional pizza or sub. But when lunch arrived, it came from none other than Wright’s Gourmet! There were several different bags and boxes filled with sandwiches, salad (plus five kinds of dressing), gallons of iced tea, and of course, some of Wright’s famous bakery specialties.

Well, it was astonishing. And delicious. It made us reflect on the truth of that old adage: “One good turn deserves another.”

Happy to help

As dedicated recyclers and friends to the environment, we’re happy to help our customers and expect nothing in return. But we’d be fibbing if we said that the occasional reward for a job well done isn’t appreciated. Our new customer outdid himself, and we won’t forget his generosity to us any time soon.

Electronic Recycling

Urban E Recycling wants your computers and other electronics. We shred hard drives and recycle electronics at no charge. Drop-offs and pick-ups are also at no cost. Let us know if you have e-waste for us.


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