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How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable?

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How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable? 

 Everyone wants companies to be sustainable, but what is it going to cost? What’s in it for me as an entrepreneur and small business? Here is what Urban E Recycling did.


Urban E Recycling is an electronic recycling business. We care about the environment and the earth as a whole. We participate in some organizations that are environmental and sustainable-minded, which should be no surprise. These organizations are always encouraging their participants to do more.

For years, I wondered what more we could do to be more sustainable.

We lease an old warehouse that is a perfect size and location. It’s an old one, and we could do some insulation to make it more energy-efficient, but then again, we lease. Do we want to put that kind of money into someone else’s building? Would it be worth it.

I figure some companies are sustainable to brag about it

I have no problem with the strategy of being more sustainable to tout and boast. I suspect some companies call on us to recycle because of the proclamation of good citizenship recycling. Any way we can receive your electronics is a good way. Of course, security is another strong reason.

Going into our tenth year, we have decided to do something very sustainable. Not only sustainable but very beneficial in more than one way. Not only are we going to save money on our electricity, but we can see so much clearer now. That’s right. We replaced fluorescent lights with LED lights. See the difference.

I know this is not pretty, but remember, we are a recycling company. We handle the electronic waste. We are not supposed to be pretty. But what a difference it has made for our team.

What it cost to replace the lights.

13 Lights converted to LED Direct (no ballasts) $210 per light. 

$360 for a Scissor Lift.

Now we can brag about being more Sustainable!

I think it was well worth it.

Think about what you can do to be more sustainable. Do your due diligence. See what the consequences of your conscious decisions would be. Do some research and find out what repercussions might be if you decide to go through with your plans. Everything someone says is sustainable might not be so good on the backend. For instance, we decided to NOT go solar because of the challenges they are writing about recycling the products.

Good luck with finding a sustainable solution. It could be as simple as recycling your electronics the right way with Urban E recycling.

If that is what you decide, call us today. 813-512-6998


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