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Hard Drive Shredding in Orlando, Florida

Urban E Recycling is opening up in Orlando, Florida for hard drive shredding and electronic recycling.

If you are not familiar with Urban E Recycling, here is what you can expect.

⭐️ No Charge for end-of-use Electronics Pick Up
⭐️ No Charge for Data Destruction by Shredding Hard Drives
⭐️ No Charge for Certificate of Data Destruction with Video Verification
⭐️ No Charge for Responsible Recycling

Why no charge?

Because we need your material. We are a recycling company that recycles electronics down to the earth elements. We get paid on the precious and semi-precious metals we extract. One hundred percent of what we handle is recycled. Nothing goes to the landfill.

Urban E Recycling is an eight year old small business who does large jobs.

We are HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) member and registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
We specialize is business to business, medical facilities, financial institutions, and law firms, or any business that needs to protect their clients information.

Our Mission is to Make Proper Disposal of Electronic Waste Convenient & Secure.

For more information go to www.urbanerecycling.com

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