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Google to Stop Third-Party Cookies by 2022: Opportunities, and Threats

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Privacy on computers

Chrome to discontinue cookies.

Google has announced to stop third-party cookies in its Chrome browser by 2022. Safari and Firefox had already made these changes years before. This news has made waves in the digital advertising industry that is likely to be affected by this bold move. 

Third party tracking.

A third-party cookie is a tracking code that’s saved on the users’ device for a certain period to monitor the browsing behavior and preferences of the users. It is how advertisers come up with targeted ads. It makes a seamless experience for advertisers because they can optimize their respective campaigns and translate them into sales. 


Privacy risk to be aware of

Although cookies are an essential part of technological advancement, they can also pose a significant risk of privacy invasion and a security risk to websites that use them. For example, making transactions with a credit card, depositing or withdrawing money from our accounts, are the things we love about doing business conveniently online but also prone to hackers at the same time.  

Now, the challenge for Google is to create a secure environment for advertisers to protect users’ privacy. Google also expressed gearing towards “Privacy Sandbox” as a safe and protected environment.  It’s an opportunity to enhance the user experience without jeopardizing privacy.  

Online is not the only concern

But privacy and security threats do not happen online alone. The majority do not know how hard it is to erase data from a computer’s hard drive. Personal information remains on that device even if it’s no longer in use. Remember, old laptops and cell phones can still be relevant because these are a goldmine of personal information for any thief who finds them in the garbage. 

Finding solutions.

When your computer, laptop, or mobile phone stops working; please take it to a reputable recycling company like Urban E Recycling. They are data protection experts that provide a total comprehensive data destruction. Currently, they have seven machines including one hard drive shredding machine that can shred up to 1500 drives per hour to shred your hard drive into small and mangled metal. You won’t have to think about the data on those hard drives anymore. Urban E Recycling has years of experience in recycling electronic goods in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Call them for free pickup, free data destruction, and a free Certificate of Data Destruction. 



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