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Short Checklist to See if your Data is Safe

Mining data and hacking of private information is big business after small companies.  No matter how small your business, if you take credit cards, do banking online, even emailing clients, be aware of the dangers that lurk in cyberspace and beyond.

The ways to connect to the internet are on the rise with the growth of mobile devices.  What does that mean to you?  With that kind of flexibility comes security risks.  Here is a short checklist to see if your private information is safe.

1.  Are your employees being educated to what the risk factors of data transfer?  Studies show that employees are sharing private data and believe it does no harm.  In fact, a study done by Symantic.com revealed 40% of employees took information from a former employer and used it in their new job.

2. Never open emails from suspicious sources. Don’t open emails with attachments if you don’t know the sender.  This is a easy way for viruses to get downloaded onto your computer.

3.  Do you have sufficient firewalls?  Block websites of ill repute and highly commercialized sites. These are infamous for malicious and dangerous intruders like spyware.

4.  Are you up-to-date on security systems?  Keep your operating system updated.  Hackers look for holes in your malware programs, i.e. ignored update reminders.

There are a number of things your employees could be inadvertently doing that puts your company’s sensitive data and information at risk.  New employees might not be fully aware of risks and data policies.  Everyone needs training in regards to the data security and concern, awareness and trust.

Tackle the Digital Security Challenge. The old saying: An ounce of prevention…..


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