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Who is Urban E Recycling?

Urban E Recycling, Inc., was founded and continues to be managed by a environmentally conscientious team of professionals. We love serving the Greater Tampa Bay Area. We follow a strict No Landfill policy.

Is recycling electronics free?

Yes. – Free to you!

Recycling electronics is free to the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Urban E Recycling Inc, will pick-up electronic waste from business locations in Tampa, all of Hillsborough County, Pinellas County and other surrounding counties. The warehouse is available for drop offs, during business hours.

What happens to my electronics when they are picked up?

Once the equipment has been picked up, each data device is shredded by AMS-300 Hard Drive Shredder, that meets and exceed DoD, (department of defense) & HIPAA, standards. The electronics are then sent for processing to determine how they will be recycled.

What do I need to do to prepare my equipment for pickup?

If possible, store everything in one location, where it can be easily loaded onto our truck.  It is important to let us know what type of equipment & quantity you are recycling, so we can bring the right equipment for the job.

When will my electronics be picked up?

At your convenience.  We ask that you call or go to our website to request a pick-up.  We can often pick up the next day or we will work to accommodate your schedule.

Where do my electronics get recycled?

Urban E Recycling is a local company.  Our warehouse is located at 5630 E. Powhatan Ave. in Tampa FL 33610.  We recycle by disassembling and sorting.  Accordingly, materials are sent to various responsible & licensed end users.

How do I schedule a pick-up?

Schedule a pick-up by completing the online form or by calling us at the 813-501-6998.  Once the equipment has been picked up, each piece of equipment is tracked to it’s final destination.  You can always check the status of your equipment by calling us.

What if I have a location here and in another state/county?

Urban E Recycling can cover most of the state or have a trusted network that can help us in other territories. So far, we have always found a practical and economical way to pick up computer and electronics for our customers.

AND FINALLY THE BIG ONE: How do you make your money if you don’t charge for your services?

Electronic recycling is a volume business. Although we have overhead, such as employees, warehouses, trucks, maintenance, certifications, and insurance, etc; with volume, we can make a profit. We pick up tons of end-of-life electronics from the Greater Tampa Bay Area businesses and residents to make it worthwhile. So join us in keeping the landfill free of electronic waste.