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Excellence in data destruction with our new shredder

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Excellence in data destruction with our new shredder

Urban E-Recycling is pleased to announce the acquisition of crucial new equipment: the Ameri-shred Hard Drive Shredder. Our research confirmed that the AMS-500HD meets the strict standards of data destruction that we insist upon and that our customers expect.

How it works

A secure method for destroying data, the AMS-500HD is customed-designed for our needs. The machine can demolish large quantities of electronic devices and their accompanying components. This includes circuit boards, hard drives, cell phones, tablets, and various types of e-waste. Shredding is a method of mechanically reducing the hard drives of desktop computers and laptops and CDs, DVDs, tape drives, and USB sticks. The AMS shredder can destroy up to 2,000 hard drives per hour, resulting in tiny 1-1/2-inch fragments that cannot be reassembled. The AMS-500HD produces electronic scrap consisting of materials that can be recycled for future use.

Avoiding landfills

Many electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones, contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead. At Urban E-Recycling, our new shredder not only destroys sensitive data but also helps us keep harmful materials out of landfills. Although today’s landfills are designed to contain toxic waste, leaks still happen. When they do, the result is often contaminated groundwater, which endangers human health and our environment.

Next steps

On top of your interest in data destruction, you may be concerned about e-waste and the welfare of our planet in general. Bring us your e-recyclables or request a pickup—it’s free! Our new AMS-500HD is ready to put its amazing shredding capabilities to work on your behalf to ensure data security and help protect our fragile environment.

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Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 


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Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 

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