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Electronics Security Alert!

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Just about anyone knows that holding your important data on a computer is risky without secure software or some other protection. 

Password protection is only one step. 

Just about anyone knows that holding your important data on a computer is risky without secure software or some other protection.  Even using a password to protect your private accounts is not that effective, since there are numerous Trojans or computer malware that can easily hack into your files and grab data with little effort.   Not only computers have hard drives that are exposed you to security risks, but a various other office appliances as well.

And while people tend to pay attention to security and related issues while using the device, it comes a time when those devices tend to break down or slow down or is not fit for the work they need anymore. As you know, they are replaced with newer, more powerful and updated devices. 

Many tend to just throw out the older device or donate it for further use. Instead of thinking about the potential security risks they are exposing themselves to. they want to do the right thing. 

  ALERT! Not only people can   access all the data that is still   available on the device, but they   can also use it in a malicious   manner.


Here is what I personally found out.

My friend, Georgianna is her name, told me she bought a brand new phone (so she thought) and she went to her bank app and someone else’s account came up. She couldn’t understand it at first, but she soon realized that was not a ‘new’ phone like she paid for. 

Surprisingly, the other lady had remarkable the same story with another bank app.

I should have been shocked, but I was not. I see large lots of mobile phones for sale on Linkedin. There is so much buying and selling of used electronics. 

Let me explain why it might not be the distributor’s fault. 

These individual bought  phones from a third party distributor. (I am not saying the direct distributor is any safer. I don’t know.) The distributor buys from the direct distributor, who may, or may not buy from the original Apple resale distributor. 

I am not saying the that the third party distributor isn’t responsible, I am just saying he is not necessary responsible for the breach. The point is, it happens.

That’s why the best way to dispose of electronics, computers and mobile phone that contain your bank account number, birth date, social security number, address and other sensitive data is recycling it properly. 

And what I mean by recycling is contacting a recycling company that guarantees data destruction. 

Why would you expose yourself to large security risks when you can use a service that is very reliable and which can destroy all electronic waste permanently? Remember, not only computers have security risks, but various office equipment as well. That’s why contacting an electronic waste company can save you a lot of time and money. 

Hacks and leaks can cause large problems. Avoid them and destroy your electronic waste as safely as possible right now.

What other devices has my personal information on it?

Basically any devices with that hold information, i.e. hard drives &  other devices. To name a few: 

  • smart TVs
  • fax machines
  • phones
  • floppy disks
  • back-up tapes
  • automobiles


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