By: Dellinda Funk

V.P. of Marketing

Urban E Recycling, Inc

Recycling is a famous activity in the world today given the threat of modernization to our environment. Over the years, we have been told to recycle stuff to save the earth and prevent piles and piles of waste that can potentially destroy our natural resources.

As the new era of the manufacturing and computer age begins, we are now faced with a different ecological challenge. This is what we call as electronic wastage.

Yes, it is now slowly piling up and we need to ensure that we do something about it otherwise; it will be a big problem that we can no longer solve. It is similar to our normal garbage in such a way that when space is no longer available, it becomes transform into a problem that has a tremendous impact on our society.

Electronic Recycling is now a key aspect of environmental protection and preservation. Given the possible toxic chemicals present in computers and several electronic devices, proper disposal process is necessary. The presence of deadly toxins like dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), cadmium, chromium, radioactive isotopes and mercury, creates a health hazard of enormous proportions. As such, either we recycle the monitors, processors, memory cards and computer motherboards or we shall suffer the ill effects of the chemicals found in these items. It is imperative that we know and understand the method of how to properly recycle these parts.

There are several recycling methods that we can implement:

  1. 1. Consumer recycling – Recycling by means of selling or donating the computers to countries or organizations that needs them. It can also mean sending back to the original manufacturer so that they can dispose or recycle the parts accordingly.
  2. 2. Corporate Recycling – Companies can sell or send used computers to different compacting centers.
  3. 3. Sell – There are always a person who needs cheap computers. If we are not to use them again, then we can sell it a distinct bargain price.
  4. 4. Take Back – Several computer companies are now very open in taking back their products for disposal. All consumers must be made aware of this to ensure that these devices are properly disposed of.
  5. 5. Exchange – There are computer companies that will take back their old units. They can refurbish and sell it back to the trade for a discounted price.

Utilizing these 5 easy methods will make a big difference for the environment. Imagine if all computer companies will change their model every three months and over 1 billion people will change their device in line with this latest electronic trend. The used machines will pile up so bad that not even a small country will be able to hold off all electronic garbage. But if our disposal methodology is as efficient as our manufacturing lines, well, it will be a whole different story. Electronic recycling is an important aspect of our modern life. As the years progress, this needs to be taught at the elementary level to ensure that the future generation will know how to take care of the environment. Electronic devices should make our lives easier and not make it disaster.

Electronic recycling, the need of the future.