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Electric Scooter: Highs and Lows in the Fast Lane

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Electric Scooter: Highs and Lows in the Fast Lane 

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in Florida. In 2019, Orlando City Council approved a one-year trial period for the use of rental scooters. Electric scooters are on the rise, with over a million sold annually. It’s five times faster than walking and costs less to run, making them ideal for short distances.

Do you want to experience a fun ride around the city? It is now possible with motorized scooters! Have you ever thought about buying an e-scooter? Owning one may appear simple at first, but there is much more than meets the eye. Here are some considerations when purchasing one. Let’s take a look at the good, bad, and everything in between:


Convenience and Portability – electric scooters are undoubtedly convenient. It’s a short-distance alternative in busy urban cities. A scooter can be folded in half at the neck, reducing its height to less than 1/3rd of its unfolded size. 

No License Required – almost everywhere allows electric scooters. They don’t require lessons, tests, or licenses, so they’re less expensive.

No Pollution – during rush hour, smog is a significant issue. Electric scooters emit no pollution as well as noise pollution. More commuters using e-scooters instead of cars may help improve air quality.

Parking is a breeze – this is important in highly urbanized cities. They’re also easy to fix and cheaper than a mechanic.

Furthermore, it’s fun. Scooters are more popular than cars and cycles for this reason. However, it’s unfavorable during rainy days. 


Risky – With no license, e-scooters are prone to accidents. Inexperienced road drivers may be overwhelmed by the speed of e-scooters. In June, an e-scooter rider in Tampa was killed when police say he crossed into the path of a semi-truck. Currently, the e-scooters speed limit is up to 10 mph.

Battery Life – Just like a car e-scooter requires constant battery life monitoring. It’s dangerous if you suddenly stop on a busy road. Also, overcharging is discouraged to avoid damage to the battery. 

Strictly Local – E-scooters are not suitable for long-distance travel. One of the main reasons people don’t buy e-scooters. 

Not for All – E-scooters aren’t for everyone, especially kids. An obese or overweight person may damage a scooter due to its weight limit. Not also suitable for too short or too tall people. 

Pricey – E-scooters are not cheap. While there is something for every budget, avoid anything under $200 if you want something that will last and perform well. Affordable products are often dangerous and only last a few months.

scooter washed up

End-Of-Life Options

Now, this is where things get blurry. 

E-scooters are positioned as cheap, green transportation. While it is beneficial to the environment, it generates mountains of waste and sends the end-of-life units to landfills. Rideshare electric scooters last 1-5 months. Privately owned e-scooters with proper care and maintenance usually last 2-3 years, possibly longer. It’s a fact. 

What happens to e-scooters when they reach the end-of-life stage? How do you dispose of the e-scooter unit responsibly? 

In addition to safety programs and improvements like bike lanes, We must address environmentally friendly end-of-life disposal solutions must be addressed sooner than later. A sustainability plan should include the disposal of broken scooters, parts, and tires. State and e-recycling companies can work hand-in-hand to dispose of waste in an eco-friendly manner.

An E-Scooter company should make an effort to incorporate sustainability practices to deliver a sustainable transit solution not only for riders but also for the environment. Companies should be required to submit documents concerning end-of-life recycling requirements during the permit applications phase.

Are you decluttering soon? If you already own or plan to purchase a scooter, you should consider responsible disposal. Check out in your state if there is an authorized e-recycling company that will cater to your needs. If you live in Sarasota, Orlando, or Tampa, Urban E-Recycling provides proper recycling services drop-off. They are experts in handling hazardous waste, including electric batteries of the e-scooters – for FREE! Here’s a list of electronic devices that they recycle and pick up for FREE!


For more information about responsible e-recycling, call (813) 512-6998 or visit


You can also find Urban E Recycling on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 



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