This morning, a post jumped on my computer with this title and a picture of Einstein. I really wasn’t interested in reading the article, but I clicked on it hoping to find out how this popped on my screen. I’m always curious about new internet technology. The title of my article is a quote from, a piece written by James Altucher titled, How to be a Genius.

A few lines caught my attention, so I kept reading. The one sentence I couldn’t get away from was a line he quoted from his father,”Do the unexpected, and you’ll win.”. His father was a chess master. No matter what you think of the game of chess; a person has to respect a chess master.

I had to pause and think. Do I do the unexpected? Does our company, Urban E Recycling, do the unexpected? If so, how? And maybe more important, WHY?

I hope we do. All of our services are free. I say that’s pretty unexpected because I have to continually explain I why the services are free. If you don’t know, we recycle computers down to earth; meaning, down to the metals. We pick-up from local companies and municipalities; we shred all hard drives for security; we dismantle the computers and other electronics so they will never be associated with the original owner, and recycle them responsibly. We are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The ‘no charge model’ just makes sense to us. Why would we charge you for materials we need? Yes, others in our industry charge for the same service. Yes, we could charge also, but that would be expected. We have a formula that is working for us, and evidently, according to our growth, it’s working for the Tampa Bay community.

We shred hard drives for no charge. And of course, we could charge for shredding hard drives since everybody else does. But again, we need your material. You need peace of mind that your data is securely destroyed. We certainly don’t want to be responsible for anybody’s data getting into the wrong hands. So we shred hard drives as a courtesy to you and as a protection for both of us. It’s a victory for both parties (not to mention the environment).

What do you think? Do you think Urban E Recycling does the ‘unexpected’? I’d like to hear from you. We are always open to suggestions.