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DIY Shredding Hard Drives: Pros and Cons

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DIY Shredding Hard Drives: Pros and Con

Shredding is supposed to be secure hard drive destruction. But, should it be DIY?

Hard drives disks, or HDDs, are like the heart of the computer. It is the one computer hardware responsible for positioning, writing, reading, and storing data. The IBM laboratory in California invented HDDs to store data.

An individual or a company has all their data into the hard disk drives. If an old unit is lying around – a person can do substantially anything with it, including having a copy or sharing confidential records, bank details, saved passwords, credit or debit card details, and more. There is a massive risk to your assets and privacy by not shredding the hard drive completely.

To help answer your question if DIY hard drive destruction is safe, listed in this article are the pros and cons of shredding disks yourself.


  • Once the HDD has been shredded PROPERLY, no one can restore the data in it.


  • DIY shredding or destruction can be inefficient and can still be reconstucted by a professional if not done properly.
  • It takes time, labor, tools, and special equipment to do.
  • A disk shredder is needed to crush the electronic unit properly.
  • The next step of DIY shredding is throwing the hard drive out. And by this, you can harm the environment.

Final Thoughts

Shredding of hard drive disks is a MUST nowadays. But DIY? We cannot be so sure. If done improperly, parts of the electronic devices can still be scattered around and can still endanger your privacy and the environment. The BEST way for hard drive disposal is by leaving it to EXPERTS.

With Urban E Recycling located in Florida, you would not need to allot your time, labor, and tools in doing so. We offer a hard drive destruction service and recycling that would not only contribute to your peace of mind but to the planet as well. This secure destruction service should not worry you about the hard drive shredding cost as it has NO CHARGE at all.

We have our own HDD shredder that can shred 2,000 hard drives per hour. This shredding machine can also process credit and debit cards, USB flash drives, floppy disks, and CDs.

Click here to know more about our HDD destruction services near Tampa, Orlando, and Bradenton/Sarasota.


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