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There are Different Ways to Destroy Data


Information technology (IT) assets commonly hold large volumes of confidential data. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank details, medical history and classified information are often stored on computer hard drives or servers. These can inadvertently or intentionally make their way onto other media such as printer, USB, flash, Zip, Jaz, and REV drives. (Wikipedia)

Deleting Cookies

If you use your computer for simple tasks, such as searching keywords, then daily deleting your history and cookies might be the only security measures you need to keep yourself safe. Nevertheless, think seriously about the time you spend on your computer. Submitting credit card information, age or job position. Consider a more secure process. Think before you recycle.

 Is this a company one you trust? Does this company have a location you can find on a local map, a website, a representative you see in the community, a reputable company that has excellent ratings? Or is the a one-man-shop that works out of his garage. Hence, don’t let some hacker convince you that, “it’s all good…” Call, compare and research.


Some Companies Claim they Erase Your Information


Simple Wiping Software

Most any computer can be turned into a simple wiping machine.  This is a primitive and fragmentary way to wipe information from your hard drive.  This solution is  far from faultless. Unlike shredding, this type of wiping is never recommended.  It is dangerous to presume your information is safely erased by this process. To be safe, seek a higher quality data destruction process.

Although this little red data erasing machine is small and slow, it does a good job.  They claim, only 1 out of 1000 hard drives will have anything left on the disk.  Urban E Recycling, inc. does not use this machine anymore.  This little machine is often called, “the week-end warrior erasing project” because it takes most of the weekend to work.


The Degausser – Demagnetizer

DoD Wiping Machine

Erasing is no longer considered DoD standard. The erasing process takes hours. In fact, it can take up to seven hours for some hard drives. In the past, Urban E Recycling, inc. used 16 HDD bays machine for erasing. No more. 

Our new policy is to ‘never sell hard drives’ was implemented January 1, 2016. 

Our standard is DoD 5220.22-M. It is our method, and one that you should insist on before recycling if there is a slight possibility of compromising data on your drive.

The PD-4 crushes hard drives. This process mangles hard drives. Subsequently, the information is supposedly unrecoverable. This machine is portable and used for some customers who are required the HDD to crush per policy. We shred all hard drives, even after they are crushed.


Efficient Data Erasing Machine

The Degausser is one of the oldest, and versatile machines to accomplish information erasing. Hence, there are several types of degaussers on the market now.  The machine works by creating a strong magnetic field until the unit is neutralized beyond recovery.  Undoubtedly, his is a very effective procedure for erasing data for recycling.

                        Shredding is Definitely the Best

We have 7 hard drive shredding machines. The shredders destroy by shredding and grinding into tiny particles making them un-repairable. This Hard Drive shredder destroys hard drives, credit cards, floppy disks, flash drives, USB sticks, tapes, and DVD’s/CD’s. Using a single stage process this shredder will process 2,000 pieces per hour. Most secure procedure to destroy data.

Hard Drive Shredder

Shredding is BEST

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