What’s Worth More Than Gold? Everything!

What's worth more than gold? Gold taken from the earth someones leave a destasterous path. Let me explain.


Streets of gold has been promised to us if we get to heaven. But where does all that gold come from?

Streets of gold is a glorious promise of heaven.  Rivers of gold is a disastrous event happening on earth.

The recent Gold King Mine spill, turned the waters north of Durango, deep yellow with the heavy toxin.

Aggressive mining development in Nueva Vizcaya has turned a mountain into a 200ft gaping pit.  That same mountain where indigenous people, had just three years ago, farmed and raised their families.

One of the most biggest examples of toxic dumping, is Freeport, the mining operation in West Papua. The Otomina and Ajkwa Rivers are considered by many to be the poison chemical septic tanks of Indonesia.The mine dumps tons of waste per day. The sludge will eventually, seep down to the Arafura Sea.

These mines are not limited to a few spots on the globe.  These mineral mining craters are many and deep.

Is there  such a thing as ‘gold fever’?

Used by computers and other electronics, demand for these metals, have enticed investors into consuming the earth. We might not be able to halt this disconcerting practice, but we can slow it down. Recycling electronics instead of trashing them.  When a computer, cellphone or laptop is tossed in the landfill, the precious metals are impossible, or at least impractical to recover. This is where electronic recyclers come to the rescue.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Electronic recycling is more than just keeping e-waste out of the landfill. The e-scrap industry help conserves the earth and curtails social conflict around the globe.

Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 

Where security is our priority