What Does It Cost To Shred Hard Drives?

Hard drive shredding is getting very popular now since it’s come out that wiping and erasing hard drive still leaves recoverable data. Many document shredding companies are getting into the business. Tweet All recycling companies work a little different. All companies work a little different when it comes to privacy policy. One company, I interviewed, […]

7 Must-Haves for The Great American Teach-In

Great American Teach-in is a day local businesses introduce children to the variety of jobs and careers. The Teach-in started off for parents of the classroom students to present their career and what they did on their job. Participation was inadequate so the school system started reaching out to local businesses. Dell Rabinowitz, Urban E Recycing Great American […]

Make Every Day Earth Day

Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin You can make small changes in your little corner of the world that will contribute to the overall well-being of the planet the entire year. Tweet Earth Day is April 22. Let’s celebrate by recycling. Earth Day is often about big acts or events focusing on the planet as a whole, […]

Restoring Rules of Natural Order

I am reading the book The Human Brand, by Chis Malone and Susan T. Fiske. I had to underline the sentence, “Social Media aren’t so much changing the rules of business as they are restoring those rules of their natural order of social accountability.” I had to think about this statement. I’m still thinking as […]

Baby Caught In The Fax Machine

Urban E Recycling is an electronic recycling company. We take computers and other electronics and responsibly recycle them. We shred hard drives and other data devices for security. We try to make it convenient and secure for everyone to recycle electronics. Tweet Baby Caught In A Desktop Scanner It was a hot, sticky day, at […]

Local Recycling Business Crushes It

Urban E Recycling’s meteoric rise from a two-person garage operation to a business now grossing $2.6-million annually with three locations and 22 employees is an example of the success small businesses can attain with solid planning, wise decisions, hard work, and some luck. News Release 2018 Homegrown venture among Hillsborough County’s many small business Urban […]

Electronic Recycling Industry Gets Recognition in Tampa Bay Florida

Urban E Recycling is one out of three finalists in the Small Business of the Year Award presented by the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, in the Startup category. 2018 Greater Tampa Chamber has recognized local small business. Urban E Recycling is one out of three finalists in the Small Business of the Year Award […]

Companies Chosen as GrowFL Ones-to-Watch

Orlando-based Grow Florida released its annual list of finalists for the “Companies to Watch” awards and 19 Tampa Bay companies have made the cut. News Release The awards highlight mid-stage companies throughout Florida. The awards highlight mid-stage companies throughout Florida. The 81 finalists represent nearly 3,000 jobs and generate $670 million in revenue. Of the […]

Small business- How We Survived Thought Covid-19

Small business in Florida keep their employees working through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is how we do it. Tweet First of all, Urban E Recycling is considered a waste company, and no doubt they are. The company handles e-waste and recycles the end-of-life electronics to earth elements. That is the first of the keys to […]

3 Important Reason to Stop Erasing Hard Drives

This story I am telling you ,may or may not be true. However, the names have been changed to protect the innocent just in case. Read More Harry was in a difficult place. Good news is, he just landed an awesome job in the I.T. department at the best health insurance agency in town. The […]