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Everything That Looks Gold Is Gold In Our Industry

Everyone, in the electronic recycling industry, know where the gold market stands at any given time; or they should. 5/2016 When gold is high, the allure is too. Everyone, in the electronic recycling industry, know where the gold market stands at any given time; or they should.  Electronic recycling is controlled by the metal market. […]

I declare W.O.R! Responsible Electronic Recycling.

No. This is not a typo. WOR stands for Wave of Responsibility. What does that mean to you? Let me tell you. Just a real-life scenario. There once was a woman named Ms. Climber.  She started a successful business and hired several people.  They all worked diligently with computers at each desk.  In April of […]

A Simple Checklist to Avoid I.D.Theft

Congressman Bilirakis held two Identity Theft Prevention Fairs yesterday. I was asked to attend as a representative of my company, Urban E Recycling because of our policy and procedures in how we destroy data. But what surprised me, is the things I didn’t know, and things I knew but forgot or disregarded because they didn’t […]

Spend More Money to Recycle; But Not With Us

People that had done business with Urban E Recycling know we never charge for our services. Tweet We don’t want your money. We want your end-of-life electronics. Just in case you didn’t know, we recycle electronics in the Tampa Bay Area (now all of Florida); so, obviously, we are not talking about spending more money […]

On Location Earth Event April 12th

Urban E Recycling will be available on April 12th at 1626 Natures Way Blvd, Valrico, Florida, to celebrate Earth Day by helping consumers recycle their old electronic items for no charge. 03/2014 March 15, 2014 The drive to promote a “greener” Tampa Bay Area has received a huge boost from Urban E Recycling, a local […]

Electronic Recycling: The Importance of Computer Recycling for the Environment

Recycling computers is important to the environment in way you may not think about. Urban E Recycling makes it easy and safe. Tweet 5 things You Can Do to Reduce Electronic Waste Recycling is a popular activity in the world today given the threat of modernization to our environment. Over the years, we have been […]

Get To Know Your Tampa Bay Solution for Electronic Recycling

At Urban E Recycling, we work hard and play hard. Get to know us. We are community minded and ready to serve you. 9/2013 Short Checklist to See if your Data is Safe Mining data and hacking of private information is big business after small companies.  No matter how small your business, if you take […]

Sensitive Information Left Inside

Last week we had one of our busiest weeks ever at Urban E Recycling. Why? I think it may be our new website, but of course, I would think that, because I created it. 7/2016 Maybe we are so much busier because we are going into our fourth year. Maybe it’s because we sent out […]

The Truth About the E-Waste Recycling FREE Model And How It Really Works

The Truth About The FREE Model And How It Really Works 9/2016 This conversation took place on Linkedin between two professionals in the electronic recycling business. I’m one of them and the other we will call Mr. Reynolds. I am not revealing his real name because I didn’t ask permission to use his questions, but […]

Success Story of Florida in the Florida Trends Magazine

DATA DESTRUCTION AND ELECTRONIC RECYCLING Business. SBDC, Small Business Development Center doing it’s job helping small business. After 25 years in the recycling business, Greg and Dell Rabinowitz was inspired to start a company of their own when the industry shifted from metals to technology. In 2012, Dell and Greg launched Urban E Recycling. “We […]

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