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Rudolph the Green Smart Reindeer

There are ways to reduce, reuse and recycle on every aspect of your holiday planning. Try some new methods this year and create new traditions for your greener lifestyle! Source: rethinkrecycling

You Can Recycle More Than You Think

You have the basics of recycling down. You may think there is no more that you can do, but there is! Find recyclable items that may not be making it to your cart and take advantage of drop-off options to maximize your recycling efforts. Source: rethinkrecycling

The Green, Green Grass of Home (and Away)

Get out of the house this summer and enjoy the great outdoors!  While you’re out, remember to recycle everywhere you go, reduce the amount of waste you create, and use reusable solutions whenever you can. Source: rethinkrecycling

Spring is Busting Out All Over: Time to Declutter

Do you believe that less is more? Living with less can have maximum impact on many aspects of your life. This spring, challenge yourself to take a look at each room in your home and find ways to declutter. Source: rethinkrecycling

Watch Out for Wish Cycling

Wish cycling causes problems for facilities and brings down the value of recyclables, but it can be avoided! Keep a watch out for items that don’t belong in curbside bins and be sure to seek out alternative options. Tweet Don’t we all wish everything could be recycled? It’s just not the way it is. It […]

Why Do We Have A Cage In Our Warehouse?

sec cage

At Urban E Recycling we take your security very serious. We have invested in • Security cameras • A degausser • HDD crusher for onsite hard drive crushing • State of the art hard drive shredder Do you think that is excessive ? We don’t. When it comes to personal data destruction, we go to extremes […]

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