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Promoting Green: Here’s How Seniors Can Live an Eco-Friendly Environment

For seniors, an eco-friendly environment can be highly beneficial for them. A Nature study in 2020 shows that green living improves physical and mental health. With all its positive effects, it’s vital to immerse older adults in such a lifestyle as soon as possible. The goal of eco-friendly living seems simple enough, but the amount […]

E-Waste and the Push to Remove Plastics Waste

Less than 10% of the plastic in use around the world is recycled. As to the rest, it is estimated that 100 million tons of plastic take up space in our oceans. Can we fix this? Researchers are looking into the concept of making plastic a renewable resource forever so that it never becomes waste […]

Forest Bathing Therapy: How A Walk In The Woods Can Change Your Life

This is all about the forest. This is all about you.  Healing and transformation are inherent in forests. Taking a walk through a forest and experiencing it’s noises, sights, smells, and textures can help you escape the stresses of everyday life. Your senses become more aware. Throughout history, many cultures have benefited from forest bathing, from Japanese gardeners to […]

How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable?

How Can an Electronic Recycling Company get More Sustainable?  Everyone wants companies to be sustainable, but what is it going to cost? What’s in it for me as an entrepreneur and small business? Here is what Urban E Recycling did. Urban E Recycling is an electronic recycling business. We care about the environment and the […]

Defibrillator: History, Present, and Future

Share post: Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Ventricular fibrillation is a life-threatening condition that needs urgent medical attention. It causes a person to collapse in seconds and possibly leads to sudden cardiac death. Some devices can restore a normal heart rhythm and prevent sudden cardiac death in people […]

Computer Donations: IMPORTANT Dos and Don’t

As owners of Urban E Recycling, occasionally we are asked that the computers we take in, go to those in need. Here’s the challenge… As owners of Urban E Recycling, occasionally we are asked that the computers we take in, go to those in need. Although my co-owner and I would love to find families […]

Spend More Money to Recycle; But Not With Us

People that had done business with Urban E Recycling know we never charge for our services. Tweet We don’t want your money. We want your end-of-life electronics. Just in case you didn’t know, we recycle electronics in the Tampa Bay Area (now all of Florida); so, obviously, we are not talking about spending more money […]

Cycling Out Autism – A Fun and Successful Event

March 28, Cycling Out Autism was held at the Rotary Concourse Community Pavillon on highway 52, in Shady Hills, Florida. The cycling distances were 3,6,12, 25, and 50 miles. This was the Club’s sixth annual cycling event. 2016 The money raised will be donated to education activities and events that help people impacted by the […]

Electronic Recycling and How We Started

Now it’s o.k.; now that the big boys started in a garage. Tweet Now it’s acceptable to start a business in your garage, now that the some major companies started in the humble garage. Major companies like, Apple and Amazon, but also for some companies that pre-date Apple: Harley-Davidson (1903), Walt Disney Company (1923), Wham-O (1948), […]

What’s Worth More Than Gold? Everything!

Streets of gold has been promised to us if we get to heaven. But where does all that gold come from? Streets of gold is a glorious promise of heaven.  Rivers of gold is a disastrous event happening on earth. The recent Gold King Mine spill, turned the waters north of Durango, deep yellow with the […]

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