How Coworking Spaces Tackle Waste?

Even before the pandemic, the rise of coworking spaces is already transforming the landscape of work. Gone were the days of enclosed cubicles and huge office doors. Workplaces like these are built for a more open and collaborative workspace where employees feel comfortable and safe to share their ideas with the team. Nowadays, people are […]

Are you my Green Valentine?

Question: What is something we all have in common? Answer: The Planet Earth. We all live in the same home, which is abundant in natural resources and life—the place where all creatures live in harmony and peace. However, because of human activities such as deforestation, coal mining, smoke production, and improper waste disposal, the […]

Fundamental Technology to Embrace for 2022

Are you ready to refresh your tech? Innovation will bring lasting changes. During the COVID-19 crisis, brand-new technological ideas emerged more than ever. Technology adoption has accelerated due to the situation, propelling the world into the future. The rapid adaption of technological innovation during the pandemic has effects: good, bad, and everything in between. Businesses […]

E-waste Creating Employment

E-waste Creating Employment Recycling e-waste creates jobs for professional recyclers and refurbishers and creates new markets for the valuable components that are dismantled. Kelly Sampson Twitter The e-waste business is getting bigger. The recycling of electronic waste is a rapidly expanding industry around the world and particularly here in the United States.  E-waste usually comprises old computers, printers, laptops, […]

Part Two How We Got Started

Continued: Here is what happened, my version. Greg scoured the local ads for a warehouse that would fit our needs.  He came across the perfect warehouse space, with the use of a forklift and loading dock.  500 square feet of open space.  After the purchase of a small scale, a few pallets and Gaylord boxes, […]

Electronic Recycling and How We Started

Now it’s o.k.; now that the big boys started in a garage. Twitter Now it’s acceptable to start a business in your garage, now that some major companies started in the humble garage. Major companies like, Apple and Amazon, but also for some companies that pre-date Apple: Harley-Davidson (1903), Walt Disney Company (1923), Wham-O (1948), […]

What is more important?

What’s more important, environmental safety or data security? Choosing between environmental protection and security doesn’t have to be a compromise. Both are important in their own ways, but it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding on how to dispose of electronics. This article will compare the environmental and cybersecurity solutions […]

Electronics Security Alert!

Just about anyone knows that holding your important data on a computer is risky without secure software or some other protection. Twitter Password protection is only one step. Just about anyone knows that holding your important data on a computer is risky without secure software or some other protection.  Even using a password to protect […]

A New Year’s Electronic Detox at Home and Work for 2022

recycle your electronic near me

Are you ready? By all means, let’s do this with ease! Decluttering is a detox diet for your home and office that will help you set the tone for the entire year. It promotes focus and efficiency, brings in positive energy, and maximizes time and energy to do things that matter. So what do you […]

5 Practical Tips to Manage E-waste on Holidays

We might enjoy buying something new this holiday season or receiving the latest gadgets available. Still, we should also realize that if e-waste is not managed correctly, it can also cause harm. While we keep up with the latest technology trends, we must also take responsibility for the gadgets that have fallen from our possession. […]