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Firmware… What’s that?

Close-up of a green circuit board featuring intricate pathways, mounted electronic components, and embedded firmware.

Firmware is everywhere. It’s in our computers, our smartphones, and our smartwatches. It’s in our TVs, traffic lights, and washing machines. Firmware is one of those critical components you’ve probably never heard of. Yet this particular item’s existence is crucial to how many things work. So, what exactly is Firmware? Nothing new In 1967, Ascher […]

Can a day of rest help the environment?

Woman sitting at a wooden table with a tea set, overlooking a tropical landscape.

A weekly day of rest. Having a weekly day of rest goes back to ancient times. Many religions embrace the concept, but the advantages are not just spiritual in nature. Having one day of rest from work each week contributes to our well-being and benefits planet Earth. Understanding a Green Sabbath A Green Sabbath is […]

E-recycling expected to gain momentum

Recycling emblem featuring images of electronic parts and circuit boards, representing e-waste recycling.

The COVID connection When COVID-19 struck, people worldwide began working remotely, which increased the use of digital communication tools. Events like this resulted in an increase in electronic scrap like cell phones and laptops. However, the pandemic also caused supply chain disruptions and a reduction in the manufacture of electronic devices, which, in turn, caused […]

Friends, neighbors, and environmental questions

A group of business people sitting around a book, discussing environmental concerns related to behavior.

Social comparisons Researchers have come from many directions to determine why people are slowly embracing climate change, global warming, and clean technology. Hundreds of studies have been conducted to determine the (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mcpdig.2023.06.009.)most effective messaging. The consensus is that environmental-related behavior concerns what the researchers call “social comparisons.” Making decisions Doing your research is essential, whether […]

Car companies are taking unprecedented steps to procure lithium for EV batteries.

Car companies procure lithium for EV batteries, which is a periodic element displayed on a computer screen.

Car companies are taking unprecedented steps to procure lithium for EV batteries. The U.S. auto industry anticipates an increased production of electric vehicles (EVs). They expect sales to reach 14 million by the end of 2023, an increase of 35% over 2022, and that’s just for starters. The upswing in demand triggers the need for […]

The very latest in scam news

The very latest in scam news These days, information moves at the speed of light. You probably feel that you are bombarded with it and are forced to separate the wheat from the chaff, the useful from the useless. On the helpful side, some information can save you from making critical errors. One example is getting […]

Hiding in plain sight

A pile of electronic waste in a field.

Hiding in plain sight A global association focused on electronic waste management issued a reminder about products that consumers fail to recognize as e-waste. As a result, people dispose of a wide range of familiar, everyday products improperly. Research results October 14 is the Annual International E-Waste Day. This year, members of the Waste Electrical […]

How important is End-of-Life data security?

An HDD sitting on top of a table.

Hard disk drives (HDDs) don’t last forever. And if a data breach occurs with your end-of-life (EOL) equipment, the resulting chaos could damage your company for a long time. A major data disaster In 2016, the multinational investment firm Morgan Stanley made severe errors that exposed personal data for 15 million customers. The problems began […]

Think You Want to Donate Your Computer?Think Again.

A young man holding a sign that says donate old computers.

With the best intentions, warm-hearted citizens donate their computers to organizations that promise to refurbish computers and send them to the less fortunate. Unfortunately, there is an alarming mishandling when it comes to electronic donations. In most cases, the charity doesn’t want or need them. I know this for a fact because we pick up […]

Power outages and data loss

A truck parked in front of a house with a tree on top of it.

Power outages and data loss Severe weather, trees falling on power lines, or a vehicle running into a pole are common reasons for a power outage. If this happens to you, your first thought may be about food spoilage if the outage is long-lasting. But if you were working on your computer when you lost […]

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