Not your everyday recycling ideas

When you think about recycling, the first thing that probably comes to mind is how you recycle the plastic, paper, or glass items in your household. But here are a few ideas that might make you raise your eyebrows and consider other possibilities. Elephant dung in Uganda The women of the Rubirizi district in Uganda […]

A Brief Guide to Electronic Waste & E-Waste Definition & Terms You Need To Know

While most people know that electronic waste involves electronics, they aren’t sure how it works. As recycling involves so many steps, this is understandable. Here’s a list of definitions to help you understand our customers’ questions. Electronic Waste (e-waste)  Devices such as electronic or electrical devices have reached their end of life. Toxic Waste Toxic […]

Sustainable and Responsible Medical Equipment Disposal

Health technology is vital to the healthcare industry. Medical equipment and devices, in particular, provide the foundation for preventing and diagnosing illness and disease and rehabilitation from injury. There are over 20,000 medical devices, ranging from basic tongue depressors to stethoscopes, surgical instruments, prostheses, and diagnostic tests. Because of ever-changing needs and innovations, the demand […]

Cloud computing security and shared responsibility

Here at Urban E-Recycling, we get into some interesting discussions with customers who bring us their e-waste to recycle. Computers are among those items, so we often talk about desktops and laptops, which leads to related subjects like cloud computing. Security is an issue for businesses that entrust their data to the cloud, primarily if […]

How can you boost hardware security for the devices in your company?

It isn’t just a matter of protecting your software. Securing hardware is equally important. Whether your company is large enough to have its own IT department or you entrust computer operations to a handful of employees, you want to ensure everything continues to hum along without incidents What it means Hardware security protects all the […]

Promoting Green: Here’s How Seniors Can Live an Eco-Friendly Environment

For seniors, an eco-friendly environment can be highly beneficial for them. A Nature study in 2020 shows that green living improves physical and mental health. With all its positive effects, it’s vital to immerse older adults in such a lifestyle as soon as possible. The goal of eco-friendly living seems simple enough, but the amount […]

E-Waste and the Push to Remove Plastics Waste

Less than 10% of the plastic in use around the world is recycled. As to the rest, it is estimated that 100 million tons of plastic take up space in our oceans. Can we fix this? Researchers are looking into the concept of making plastic a renewable resource forever so that it never becomes waste […]

Metal straws, new sneakers, and an old laptop

As you go through your daily routine, you may not think much about sustainability. Yet you unconsciously reuse plastic bags from the grocery and throw old magazines into the recycling bin. How much more could you do to boost sustainability if you gave this concept a little more thought? Following guidelines Reduce, Reuse and Recycle […]

How to Obtain Sustainability Across Industries

Climate change, waste pollution, and air pollution – are real problems that require real solutions. And while individual efforts do make a difference, companies across all industries are challenged to put sustainability practices in place. The Whys: Why Companies Should Work Towards Sustainability Every Industry Contributes to Sustainability Issues One of the most pressing issues […]