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What happens to end-of-life EV batteries?

A recycling machine for end of life EV batteries in front of a building.

What happens to end-of-life EV batteries? Recycling ordinary batteries is one thing. Disposing of used batteries from electric vehicles (EVs) is quite another. Depending on the make of a vehicle, its battery—which makes up about a third of the car’s weight—could last from 2 to 11 years. But then what? Toxicity concerns Electric cars rely […]

Discover How to Test and Replace a CMOS Battery

Test and replace a CMOS battery on a close up of a circuit board.

Discover How to Test and Replace a CMOS Battery Troubleshooting Your Motherboard Have you ever had to replace your motherboard’s CMOS battery as a tech enthusiast or computer repair specialist? This task is crucial in maintaining your PC’s configuration and ensuring accurate date and time on your system. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with checking […]

Power Transfer and Charging Advantage:

A red and white usb cable with a tree in the background, highlighting why iPhones need USB-C.

Why iPhones Need USB-C Apple’s newest iPhones are now equipped with USB-C ports instead of traditional Lightning connectors. It’s understandable to be intimidated by this switch, but plenty of advantages come with it! USB-C gives users faster data transfer rates, more power transfer options, and more effortless charging. Not only is it compatible with almost […]

College football stadiums and their recycling issues

A college football stadium with green seats.

College football stadiums and their recycling issues As you probably know, our company specializes in e-recycling, and we applaud our customers who bring us their electronic devices and batteries for proper disposal. But recycling, in general, is vital if we want to preserve the health of our planet and, ultimately, ourselves. There is no better […]

Revolutionizing EV Batteries: Turning Recycled Metals to Power

Revolutionizing pile of silver foil cubes.

Revolutionizing EV Batteries: Turning Recycled Metals to Power Green energy sources are crucial in the 21st century. Battery cell manufacturers are using recycled metals to create EV batteries, reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing environmental damage caused by metal mining. Transforming Waste to Wealth: Recycled Metals in Battery Production Using recycled metals, like copper, cobalt, […]

Know the dangers of button batteries

A close up image of a button battery.

Dangers of button batteries Between 2010 and 2019, more than 7,000 people visited the emergency room due to battery-related injuries, according to a study published in Pediatrics journal. Many of the patients were small children. The study showed that children under the age of five are at the greatest risk for injury from swallowing tiny […]

Sustainability in Tech: How to Work Towards a Greener Future

An image of a building showcasing a greener future.

In almost every industry, you can find businesses that offer more sustainable ways of doing things, from energy-efficient wash-and-fold laundry services that make your life easier to brands using more eco-friendly packaging to beat plastic pollution. But there’s another industry that can lead the charge toward a greener future: Tech. Companies in the technology industry […]

How to foil phishing scams

Social media is a malicious hacker’s playground. Cybercriminals want your personal information and continue to find new ways to gain access. So, if you’re going to stop a phishing expedition, it’s a matter of knowing what to look for. About phishing Hackers up to no good often try to acquire your sensitive information by exploiting […]

Excellence in data destruction with our new shredder

Excellence in data destruction with our new shredder Urban E-Recycling is pleased to announce the acquisition of crucial new equipment: the Ameri-shred Hard Drive Shredder. Our research confirmed that the AMS-500HD meets the strict standards of data destruction that we insist upon and that our customers expect. How it works https://urbanerecycling.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/IMG_3271.mp4 A secure method for […]

Sharing environmentally conscious goals

A study completed in 2020 by Trivium Packaging found that 74% of consumers preferred sustainable packaging for the products they purchase. Almost half said they avoided buying products wrapped in packaging they thought might harm the environment. This kind of consumer sentiment continues to grow, and today, numerous industries are working on ways to save […]

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