Asset Recovery vs. E-Scrap vs. Recycling

There is a big difference E-scrap, and Computer Recycling and Asset Recover. We do all three. Tweet When you look up electronic recycling in Google or any other search engine, you find a few too many companies that claim to recycle your computer. Recycling electronics means very different things to different companies and people. Some […]

The Bad Thing About Good Credit

“A man who pays his bills on time is soon forgotten.” ~Oscar Wilde~ Tweet We seem to all strive for a good credit rating. Of course, that makes common sense. A good credit score can get you lower mortgage rates, lower insurance rates, allow to borrow more money and sometimes enhance your chance of getting […]

OMG! I Just Read Something Disturbing About Recycling Computers

Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin ……it tells me something that is very possible and likely that goes on in the electronic recycling business. READ MORE The hacking, scamming and fraud are neverending. The article I read is not from a reliable source, so I won’t quote it. But despite the unreliable source, it tells me something […]

Why It’s Important to Shred a Hard Drive

hard drive removal for shredding

Not only does recycling computers the right way protect you, but computer recycling protects the earth from being mined for precious metals. Tweet Trust but verify.   The hard drive’s responsibility is to store information. Every file you have saved onto your computer is located on this one component. This is where your computer remembers […]

How NOT To Recycle Televisions

TV recycling is the most challenging when it comes to electronic recycling. Recycling televisions are costly & sometimes dangerous. Tweet   Why you should never leave your TV at the curb.   I see it all the time. Good intentional folks leave their television on the curbside with a sign, ‘Works’, or something to that […]