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Can a day of rest help the environment?

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A weekly day of rest.

Having a weekly day of rest goes back to ancient times. Many religions embrace the concept, but the advantages are not just spiritual in nature. Having one day of rest from work each week contributes to our well-being and benefits planet Earth.

Understanding a Green Sabbath

A Green Sabbath is a day when rest and relaxation benefit humanity and curb emissions. Turning off the TV, closing your laptop, and making a dinner that doesn’t require using the stove or oven are ways to reduce emissions, ultimately benefiting the environment.

Breaking through barriers

Woman appearing stressed or fatigued at a work desk with a laptop and a monitor, hoping to have a good rest of her day.

Long hours often accompany careers in many industries, including entertainment, hospitality, retail, and advertising. But long hours also bring the possibility of burnout. Prioritizing time for rest each week may require confronting the barriers that stand in your way. But remember that you have a right to detach from your normal routine at work and observe a “Green Sabbath” to establish a healthier lifestyle.

Overcoming busyness

Workaholics may find it challenging to fit a day of rest into their busy schedules. Initially, those used to working a seven-day week might only succeed in shutting down for half a day. It helps to make a plan. Resolve to do something you love, something that brings you enjoyment. Have friends or family members join you. Gradually, even the most devoted workaholic will come to acknowledge the benefits a day of rest and relaxation can provide. From there, it is easy to understand the part sustainability can play and how a day of rest ultimately helps the environment.

Helping the environment

Volunteers collecting plastic bottles for recycling have a good rest of their day.

What if a large portion of the population used a day of rest—a Green Sabbath—to refrain from driving, shopping, or going to work? To go a step further, what if these folks stopped using technology or even electricity for just a day? Their efforts about sustainability would be effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Why not get the whole community involved? Encouraging others to put sustainability into practice on a day of rest could strengthen neighborhood ties and lead to more environmental benefits throughout the year.

This kind of approach in support of sustainability is fine with us. At Urban E Recycling, we believe in the many benefits of a weekly rest day, including the environmental advantages. Customers who bring us their electronic devices for appropriate disposal are believers, and we work as a team to make good, eco-friendly choices for the planet we call home.

A woman in a green dress holding a laptop shows her commitment to sustainability.

Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 


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Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 

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