Urban E Recycling NOW in Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida

Boxtrucks urban e recycling

6102 24th St E, Bradenton, Florida 34203

Urban E Recycling recycles cell phones, wires, laptops, towers, computers, servers, x-boxes, radios, DVD players, CD players, medical equipment, and other electronics. Almost anything with a board or cord. Check out our list of items we recycle.

What Does Bradenton & Sarasota Do With Their Old Computers and Electronics?

They Call Urban E Recycling.

You can call 941-755-2000 or fill out a form on our website by clicking the red button below.

• No Charge for Pickup

• No Charge for Data Destruction by Shredding the Hard Drive

• No Charge for Certification of Data Destruction

• No Charge for Recycling

Urban E Recycling has a 0% landfill policy. Nothing goes to the landfill.

Jeff Hall
Jeff HallOperations Manager
Shane Hall
Shane HallInventory Manger