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Best Way to Destroy My Hard Drive

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Destroying a hard drive can me managed in different ways. Security is in degrees. The simplest and the least effective is setting you hard drive to factory setting. This DOES NOT destroy your personal information. Every piece of data that was ever on your computer is still there.

Another way yet limited in effectiveness is to take your hard drive out and pound it with a hammer. This is dangerous and not a sufficient way to destroy data.

There are methods of wiping, degaussing and deleting. None of those methods will be as effective is shredding hard drives.

Secure on-site hard drive shredding is available for no charge for businesses in the Greater Tampa Bay Area  and now, all of Florida, by Urban E Recycling.

Download our ‘8 WAYS  TO DESTROY DATA‘.

  • 42% of erased hard drives leaves bits of data on hard drives.
  • Shredding is the required standard by NSA and The Department of Defense.
  • Information is non-recoverable after hard drive shredding.


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